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Class Notes

Class Notes: 4/18/2017

McCollum vs. Board of Education Vashti McCollum sues Champaign, Illinois public schools about the inclusion of the Christian god and religion in teachings. School offered a "voluntary" religious class, but pressured students to participate in the class. Students not taking... Continue Reading →


Class Notes – 3/28/2017

Joan Becker Notes Has been speaking publicly about Mark and the events of his caseĀ for over 6 years. Gives public talks as a form of prevention to spread awareness of mental health and to hopefully get people to let go... Continue Reading →

Class Notes – 03/21/2017

Teresa Morrison (Ed Thomas' sister) Victim Statement notes: I chose to read this statement because it seemed like the one I would be most likely to relate to. I don't have a husband or children, so the wife or parent's... Continue Reading →

Class Notes 3/7/2017

1st amendment rights in Waverly Cal Corson, a Waverly resident, wrote a Facebook post addressing someone in his community who had displayed an upside down American flag in his yard. He said that he was offended by the display. The... Continue Reading →

Class Notes – 2/21/2017

Iowa Supreme Court Justice Zager Law Degree from Drake University 1999 appointed to district court in Waterloo 2011 appointed to Iowa Supreme Court by Gov. Branstad Iowa Supreme Court historic civil rights cases: 1834 - slave in Missouri came to... Continue Reading →

Class Notes – 2/14/2017

CNN Story: How leaks and investigative journalists led to Flynn's resignation Notes: - Washington Post, NY Times, other sources got info that revealed Flynn's connections to Russia - Sources wanted to remain anonymous, which made outlets skeptical, but were eventually... Continue Reading →

Class Notes 1/31/17

Judicial Evaluations Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger Ebinger has scored above average, bordering on exceptional in every category Knowledge and application of the law - 4.28 Perception of factual issues - 4.32 Punctuality of court proceedings - 4.56 Attentiveness to arguments and... Continue Reading →

Class Notes – 1/24/2017

Stories about Judge David Staudt   Judge Grants New Trial for Waterloo Man Convicted of Murder - KCRG   Lyric Cook-Morrissey's dad going to prison for at least 30 years - KCCI   Rhoades v. Iowa, No. PCCV... Continue Reading →

Class Notes – 1/17/2017

Headlines   CNN - JonBenet Ramsey brother files lawsuit against CBS over murder miniseries   Rolling Stone - JonBenet Ramsey's Brother Sues CBS for $750 Million Over Doc   The Hollywood Reporter - JonBenet Ramsey's Brother Sues... Continue Reading →

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