Judge David Staudt is an Iowa district court judge appointed in 2010 by former Governor Chet Culver. He had previously served as the chief public defender in the Waterloo district. He attended the University of Iowa for undergraduate, graduating in 1990, and received his J.D. from Drake University.

Staudt spoke about his wide variety of experience and what he deals with day to day as a district court judge. He said that the district court deals primarily with claims exceeding $10,000 and hears both criminal and civil cases, including felonies. Cases the judge regularly sees include divorces, car accidents, contract disputes, and worker’s compensation appeals.

Judge Staudt also provided details on the nomination process for Iowa judges. First, a position in the district they live in. Once they apply, the applicant goes through many interviews and the pool is eventually narrowed down to two people. These people are interviewed by the Governor and one is selected to be appointed. The Judge pointed out that exploiting connections within the legal community can make the difference in being the choice between two very qualified applicants.

Judge Staudt has lead a diverse career starting from student to the public defenders office to a district court judge. He has contributed many years to the Iowa legal community and continues to sever to this day.