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David Staudt Presentation

Courts split into Federal and State branches

Iowa courts split into

  • Supreme court of iowa
    • Seven justices
    • Decide on majority vote
  • court of appeals
    • Made up of nine judges
    • Affirm or deny appeal, or overrules decisions
  • district court
    • Claims over $10,000
    • Felonies, criminal and civil
    • Divorces, car accidents, contract disputes, worker’s comp appeals
  • assistant district cours
    • Hears OWI, drug possession, simple assaults, other misdemeanors
    • Claims between $1,001-$10,000
  • Magistrates
    • Hears small claims and misdemeanors
    • Value of claim must be $1,000 or less



  • Class A – life in prison without parole
    • 1st degree murder
    • 1st degree sexual assault
    • 1st degree kidnapping
  • Class B – up to 25 years
    • 1st degree robbery
    • 1st degree burglary
    • 2nd degree kidnapping
    • Giving marijuana to a minor
  • Class C – up to 10 years
    • Delivery or possession with intent to deliver
  • Class D – up to 5 years
    • Production of marijuana


Observing Court

  • Court open to the public
    • With the exception of mental health commitments and some cases involving minors or juveniles
  • No electronic devices
  • Physical note-taking allowed
  • Criminal jury trials start tuesdays at 9am with jury selection
    • 1:30pm is when trial actually begins
  • 1st floor – lower tier trials
    • 3rd and 4th floors – felonies
  • Schedule