JonBenet Ramsey Notes


Primary lens through the eyes of FBI experts/ familiar with the case

  • Sounds like they’ve already decided that there’s some “secret angle” to be discovered.
  • Really selling the “mystery” of the story.



  • Forensic investigator
  • FBI investigators/consultants
  • Forensic pathologist
  • Forensic linguist
  • Statement analyst


Phone call

  • Questioning the motives of the mother and her choice of words
  • Hanging up on 911 dispatcher  = evidence that Patsy is faking something???
  • Think they hear the parents’ voices???
  • I really feel like none of this would hold up in court unless they could get multiple experts to testify that they all heard the exact same pieces of dialogue.


911 Dispatcher

  • Never been called to testify or make a statement
  • “Something wasn’t right”
  • “Sounded like she said ‘ok we’ve called the police, now what’” this contradicts what they thought they heard on the phone call.
  • “Sounded rehearsed”
  • This memory would ABSOLUTELY be questioned. It happened 20 years ago.


Ransom Note

  • “Multiple motives”
  • No specification of what this “faction” is
  • $118,000 close to amount Jon Ramsey would have gotten as a bonus
    • Portions of the note similar to lines from Dirty Harry and Speed
    • Lots of movie posters around the Ramsey house (not necessarily these movies)
    • BUT these are both really popular movies that tons of people would have seen
  • “Advanced writing style”
  • Mistakes made on purpose?
  • Written by native english speaker
  • Adult – no indication of slang – 30 or older
  • “Maternal language”??? Indicating female writer
  • “High risk” behavior
  • Found two “practice notes” on a pad owned by Patsy Ramsey
  • Pad and pen put back in their normal places
  • 21.5 minutes at the least to write out the letter
  • “Letter is clearly staged” – NOT NEARLY ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO SAY THAT


FBI Agent Who Visited the Ramsey House on the Day of Kidnapping

  • Length of the note “highly unusual”
  • “Small foreign faction” unusual as it does not convey message of power
  • Believes ransom note was staged and a “red herring”
  • Jon Ramsey is out of police custody for an hour and a half and comes back with change in mood. Was “agitated”
  • Ramsey “makes a b-line” to the basement door, “says something about finding his daughter”
  • In his experience, in a staged murder, the perpetrator is almost always the person who “discovers” the body or is with the person who discovers it.
  • Crime scene contamination due to putting the body on the floor of the living room that so many people had walked through


Crime Scene Reconstruction

  • JonBenet’s bedroom, kitchen, basement, living room (?)
  • HUGE money investment by CBS
    • Need guarantee of return on investment
  • Already using “his” pronouns when speaking about the perpetrator
  • “Odd feeling”
  • Jon called out that the body was in the basement “before turning the light on”
    • Never questioned about this
  • “Supposed to treat them with kid gloves” – this would NEVER work in court because it was never actually said, unless you were able to get other officers/investigators to agree.


Fleet White – Friend of the Ramseys’ who was at the crime scene

  • Wrote open letter criticising the police department for not looking into Jon and Patsy
  • “No cameras” – always a good sign
  • Family was targeted by the media
    • This would be a huge problem with any testimony from them because it would seem like they had a vendetta against the Ramseys or they were trying to save their reputation
    • Spoke out about targeting as recently as 2014



  • Patsy wanted “pristine” gardens
  • JonBenet would jump in the leaves and say it reminded her of “times with her dad”
  • Patsy “very pleasant”
  • Patsy had negative reaction to OJ verdict
    • “You can get away with murder in this country” (HEARSAY)


Other friend

  • Ok, no. A woman talking about what JonBenet said to her daughter when she wasn’t even there is not evidence. (HEARSAY WITHIN HEARSAY)
  • Small lies from Patsy
  • Cut off from Ramsey family
  • Circle of friends told not to talk to police or reporters
    • Very surprised by this
    • Not told by Patsy or any of the Ramseys
  • “I opened my doors up to reporters” and was then “cut off” by her friends
    • Yeah, duh
    • Being told not to talk to the police is definitely weird, but being asked not to talk to reporters is not unreasonable.



  • Cause of death ruled asphyxiation (rope around the neck)
  • Didn’t want forensic pathologist in the house
    • “Maybe because i would find something”
    • Wow
  • Struck with “perfectly rectangular” object.
    • Flashlight?
  • Close to death when rope was placed on her
    • “Already was brain dead”
  • Hands tied with “slipknot”
  • Extra elements. Overcomplicated.
  • “Blow to the head” caused the death
    • No blood, tissue, or DNA of any kind found on flashlight
    • Object may have “broken the skull and not broken the skin”
      • Evidence would absolutely be necessary to show that this is common
  • “Concussive impact”
  • Three batteries in the flashlight making it a heavy object capable of breaking bone
  • Ten year old would possess the strength necessary to break the skull of a small child with this object.


Media Appearances

  • Give interview to CNN before having formal interviews with police
    • Now THIS is important
  • Contradictory answers and gensures
  • Didn’t give formal interviews with the police until four months after the murder.