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Voting Rights Act Struck Down in Historic 5-4 Vote

  A crucial section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was struck down by the United States Supreme Court on June 25th, 2013. The section, known as the preclearance clause, stated that former confederate states were required to get... Continue Reading →


Polk County Prosecutor Profile – Meggan Guns

Meggan Guns is currently working as a Prosecutor for the state of Iowa in Polk county, specifically in the drug and gang crime bureau. She has had a diverse career working in both the private and public sectors. But no... Continue Reading →

Class Notes: 4/18/2017

McCollum vs. Board of Education Vashti McCollum sues Champaign, Illinois public schools about the inclusion of the Christian god and religion in teachings. School offered a "voluntary" religious class, but pressured students to participate in the class. Students not taking... Continue Reading →

Flag Burning Protected by the First Amendment, Says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States decided on June 21st, 1989 that Alex Johnson was protected by the first amendment when he decided to burn a flag in protest of the policies of then-president Reagan during the Republican National... Continue Reading →

Joan Becker Profile

Joan Becker will forever be known by the actions of someone other than herself. Her son, Mark Becker, shot and killed Parkersburg football coach Ed Thomas in 2009, and was later determined to be sane at the time of the... Continue Reading →

Black Hawk County Jail Visit – Personal Reflection

Our visit to the Black Hawk County jail and with Sheriff Tony Thompson definitely had an emotional impact on me. Our conversation with Sheriff Thompson left me feeling confident in the Black Hawk County police. His comments about the work... Continue Reading →

Class Notes – 3/28/2017

Joan Becker Notes Has been speaking publicly about Mark and the events of his case for over 6 years. Gives public talks as a form of prevention to spread awareness of mental health and to hopefully get people to let go... Continue Reading →

Class Notes – 03/21/2017

Teresa Morrison (Ed Thomas' sister) Victim Statement notes: I chose to read this statement because it seemed like the one I would be most likely to relate to. I don't have a husband or children, so the wife or parent's... Continue Reading →

Is The Judicial System Really Accessible to the Public?

  For this assignment, I was supposed to drive down to the Black Hawk county courthouse, observe and take notes on a hearing or some other form of court proceedings, and then turn my experience into a story. That didn’t... Continue Reading →

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